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A browser MMORPG that has been IT Territory’s flagship project for many years. It is set in the magical world of Faeo that is ravaged by the ongoing war between magmars and humans. To save Faeo, goddess Sheara created two dragons who embodied the rival races’ energies.


Humans inhabit the continent of Ogriy. They are not a warlike or aggressive race, but never back off from a fight. They are equal to magmars in terms of military power.


Magmars are creatures that originate from volcanic depths. Their skin is dark red, and molten lava flows in their veins. They inhabit the continent of Khair and are known for their physical might and tenacity.


Two colossal wyrms were created by Sheara, Mistress of the Dragons. Striagorn embodies the strength and ideology of the magmars, and he’s the one known for his brutal temper and awe-inspiring looks. Erifarius personifies the humans’ faith and might, and he is calm, even kind-hearted, but also fearless and bold in battle.


The all-powerful Mistress of the Dragons has the looks of a fragile and beautiful maiden, but in reality, she is a goddess sent by the High Gods to the world of Faeo with a special mission. Sheara can bend even great flame-breathing wyrms to her will.


An ancient demigod of Chaos bestowed with great power, he is able to turn all living things into dust. RaskriuTsu brings only death and destruction, and his coming threatens the world with impending doom.


The war between races of Faeo endangers the whole world as the fabric of reality is about to get shattered by the conflict and demons are poised to invade. Mighty dragons clash in the skies as humans and magmars fight in their name on the fields of battle. The wyrm who wins takes the power of the losing one, and both races unite against the demonic onslaught.

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is popular not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Three standalone servers were created for European players. The game twice won the Runet Award in the People’s Ten category – in 2010 and in 2011


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