The history of IT Territory began with this game, as you can probably guess just by looking at the name of our studio. Created in 2004 by a small team of developers, the game quickly became one of the most prominent Russian browser MMORPGs. Territory will always be remembered for its beautifully drawn locations and characters, as well as a unique atmosphere that kept players on the battlefields of Chimeria for years. It was where they found friends, future business partners, and some even their love. Territory was more than a game, it was a strong community of people with a shared interest.

Experience gained during the development of Territory allowed a young studio to start developing new projects that would make our team famous in the future. We will never forget the part that our first game had in the history of the studio. "Terra", as we call it, will always remain in our hearts and hearts of its many fans.

A browser MMORPG developed and operated for more than seven years by the TimeZero Studio, which later became part of IT Territory. Released in 2004, TimeZero is a true veteran among other Russian online games. At the time it boasted gorgeous flash animations and dynamic battles.

TimeZero’s story is set in a world devastated by a nuclear war, populated by ravenous mutants and vicious bandits – a world which has no place for the weak. The game is far from being called “weak” itself – despite its respectable age, it continues to evolve and has a devoted fan base.

TimeZero got fans even in space – there’s a TimeZero poster on the International Space Station!

This browser MMORPG served as a flagship project for our studio for many years. It was released in 2006 and is still evolving to the joy of its many fans.

Smooth combat animations, beautifully drawn locations and characters and unique atmosphere of the magical world of Faeo won the hearts of millions of players, from kids and students to big government officials and businessmen. The game is also very popular not only in Russia and other CIS countries, but in Europe too. Our European team operates dedicated game servers in Germany and Poland, as well as a general English speaking server for other European countries, including UK, Italy and France.

Legend won Runet Prize twice, in 2010 and 2011. 

Three Kingdoms is a browser MMORPG that was made in collaboration with the famous Russian fantasy writer Yuri Nikitin. Published in 2007, the game is based on the popular book series that tells the story of life and war between three kingdoms of Artania, Kuyavia and Barbusia.
Just like the books, the game is rich with Slavic mythology and tradition. The game is still very popular and continues to evolve.
Three Kingdoms won Gameland Awards in 2008 as the Best Browser Game, and Runet Prize in 2013.
Released in 2010, this MMORPG was instantly ahead of other similar games and also its time. Juggernaut does not require a lot of space on your hard drive and can be launched even in a browser while having gorgeous 3D combat and the ability to change the camera angle at any time.  

Juggernaut’s beautifully drawn locations have also set new industry standards. Over the years of the development, hundreds of quests and dozens of unique monsters and locations were added to the game. Juggernaut’s universe now also includes three successful mobile games, that are based on the action-filled world of Juggernaut.  

Juggernaut received Best Browser Game at KRI 2010 award.
Allods Online are a famous Russian MMORPG, based on a single-player series of the same name, and set in a world shattered into small fragments (the allods). The development team joined IT Territory in 2017.
Many consider Allods Online the first proper Russian MMORPG, both in quality, world depth and attention to detail, and in unfailing popularity. It has a stable audience not only in Russia, but also in countries it's officially published in: Great Britain, France, Germany and Turkey. The game setting is really unique, combining elements of modern day, classic fantasy and ancient Russian culture.
The team continues to work on the project, developing new features and updates, much to the liking of fans.

Released in 2012, Revenge of Sovering marked the start of mobile development in the studio. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Juggernaut that will later be shared by many of our future projects.  

Revenge of Sovering is an Action RPG with high-quality 3D graphics, new combat mechanics and an exciting story campaign in which the player has to overcome hundreds of battles with lots of unique monsters and bosses while earning loot and leveling up their character. 

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering won Best Game for Mobile Platforms KRI 2012 award.

Released in 2013, this tank simulator’s unique point was its ability to run in a browser. The game was initially developed in China, with IT Territory acting only as a publisher. Eventually, our studio got full rights to the game. 

The game is dedicated to World War II tank battles with a wide selection of combat vehicles available to players, from historically accurate models to experimental prototypes. It also has a unique crew system which adds a lot of variety to the gameplay. 

Ground War: Tanks received Best Browser Game award in 2015 and 2016. 

Released in 2014, it quickly became a first mobile hit made by our studio. An Action RPG in a Sci-Fi setting with high-quality 3D graphics, thought-out universe and immersive plot. In the distant future mankind colonizes an ideal planet named Utopia, but soon a cataclysm of an unknown origin nearly destroys it. 

The player takes a role of the Commander who leads an expedition sent to investigate what happened on the planet. He has to fight dangerous enemies, develop their base and terraform the planet, turning scorched wastelands into green, lush paradise. 

Evolution has since won many awards including Best of App Store 2014, Best of Google Play 2014 and Best Selling game on Google Play in 2015.

Set in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia universe, it was our studio's first clicker game. Released in 2015, it quickly became one of the first quality games for Apple Watch because of its simple gameplay mechanics. In Heroes of Utopia the player once again takes a role of the Commander and is assisted in battles by other heroes from Evolution: Battle for Utopia. This easy to jump in clicker promotes our main studio franchise and introduces new players to the Evolution universe.
Heroes of Utopia was named one of the best new games for Apple Watch in 2015, one of the best new Action games in 2016 and was on "Best new games on Google Play" list in 2016.
Juggernaut Wars is a tactical Action RPG that was released in 2016 and quickly became a huge hit. The game takes place in the Juggernaut universe and has gorgeous 3D graphics with polished gameplay.
You can collect and level up more than 50 heroes, each with a unique combat style, that will fight for you in various game modes. The game also has strong online appeal: clans and PvP battles are a big part of the gameplay.
Juggernaut Wars was on the "Best games of 2016" list on the App Store and received App Store Editor's Choice.
Based on the Juggernaut universe and released in 2016, this clicker is a direct continuation of Juggernaut Wars, sharing most of the heroes and monsters with the hit mobile tactical Action RPG.
Juggernaut Champions also has deep RPG elements: while the core gameplay is very simple, the game offers an advanced levelling system and additional replayability options.
Juggernaut Champions was named one the best new games on Google Play in 2016.
HAWK: Freedom Squadron 

This extremely successful combat jet themed mobile shooter's team became a part of IT Territorty in the end of 2016. HAWK keeps true to the spirit of classic top down aracde games, has nice modern graphics and is well optimized for modern mobile devices' controls. 

The player has access to a broad range of jet upgrades and weapons, making the gameplay more immersive and keeping the player involved for a longer time. In addition to a story-driven campaign with dozens of missions, HAWK has a co-op mode. 

For all the factors, HAWK is the best game of the genre, and keeps the potential for growing in popularity.
A mobile top-down shooter centred around fierce ace pilot combat across the galaxy. The player takes command of a space cruiser and a fleet of fighters piloted by different sentient races, each with their own choice of tactics. 

This elite space ranger force has to stop an unknown enemy threatening the universe itself. But they have the advantage of getting access to the best weapons and technology the future has to offer... as well as their friends' backup in the co-op mode! But it's never too late to take a break from the righteous mission and revel in PvP pillage and plunder... 
This game will certainly appeal to all arcade and sci-fi fans!
Evolution: Battle for Utopia is the main hit of the studio and was featured numerous times by the App Store and Google Play editors for its outstanding quality. In development of Evolution 2 we use cutting edge technologies while focusing on improving the strengths of the first game. As a result the game now has a huge and beautiful world, exciting story, awesome RPG elements and sophisticated base building. The combat has become much more dynamic and we've managed to bring in-game graphics to a new level.
Evolution 2 is a full-blown shooter adapted for mobile platforms! PvP battles are now played in real time and you can take part in either "1v1" or "2v2" fights! This time players can look at the events happening on the mysterious planet of Utopia from a new angle - the main character is now Walter Blake, an officer of the Black Legion and a super-soldier with enhanced abilities.