About us

IT Territory is one of the best Russian game development companies. Its story began long ago, in 2004, with the release of Territory – a browser based MMO game that became a cult classic and continued with releasing more online hit games, such as Legend: Legacy of the Dragons with an incredibly detailed world setting, Three Kingdoms, the only online game based on famous Yuri Nikitin’s novels, and Juggernaut with breakthrough graphics for its time. Today, IT Territory is focused on mobile market, and, being a part of Mail.ru Group, successfully develops its own game franchises in this direction.

Mobile hits

IT Territory’s first mobile game project was Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, an Action RPG that drew a lot of audience’s attention. In 2014, it was followed by Evolution: Battle for Utopia, which combined RPG elements with base building. Evolution’s success allowed IT Territory to become one of mobile market’s leaders. In 2015, IT Territory released Heroes of Utopia, a mobile clicker taking Evolution franchise forward. In 2016, a new mobile hit in Juggernaut universe was out – Juggernaut Wars, a beautiful tactic-based Action RPG with lots of unique heroes, which is rapidly developing and showing great increase in its key figures. HAWK: Freedom Squadron, an arcade shooter game made by a team that joined IT Territory in 2016, has become another bright star of the mobile market.

Future directions

IT Territory consists of very diverse people, who share high professionalism, ability to work hard and a great love for games. We are sure these qualities allow us to make games played by millions, and we plan to continue strengthening our positions on the mobile market. We plan to release two games in 2019: Evolution 2, which promises to become a bright sequel to our franchise about the adventures on the distant planet Utopia and Space Justice - a new project in the arcade top-down shooter genre, which gained popularity amongst players!

Our Team